To have confidence, you have to have choices
We look beyond typical style boxes, the usual investment classes, and popular fund managers for better strategies. We incorporate our best ideas into portfolios, so that they reflect our most up-to-date approaches for the short and long term. All of this supplies you with a ready source for intelligent, useful solutions.

From mutual fund programs that offer broad diversification…to Brinker Capital’s Unified Managed Account…to access to dozens of separately managed accounts… our offering is uniquely designed to:
  • Invest in strategies that are agnostic to active or passive investing, that also incorporate the finest investment thinking that strives to deliver superior results.
  • Continually monitor active managers to ensure they maintain the ability to deliver an expected investment experience.  
  • Enhance performance and improve investor experience through active rebalancing, tax management, ongoing manager review, and portfolio adjustments.  
  • Support you every step of the way with a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who oversee your investments and provide extensive marketing and client service support.  
  • Clear, proactive ongoing communication via conferences, web and written format for both advisor and client.

Whatever an investor’s goals may be, we have a strategy to help reach them. Our strategies offer different balances of risk and reward, depending on an investor’s risk tolerance and time horizon. They’re all designed to offer consistent, competitive performance while seeking to achieve better risk-adjusted returns over the long term.
Because each investor has different objectives, our Personal Portfolios delivered through the UMA platform offer multiple asset allocation strategies. Each strategy has been thoughtfully constructed and seeks to deliver consistent, competitive performance within its stated risk and return parameters.
Investors don’t have the same goals. They shouldn’t have the same portfolios either.
This absolute return portfolio, offered within a separately managed account structure, is designed to meet a targeted return over three-year rolling periods, not to chase an index. This means we can potentially take advantage of both good and bad markets.
Endowments, Foundations, Pension Plans, Corporations, and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families.
Brinker Capital Personal Benchmark is a packaged investment solution designed to help investors manage the emotions of investing. Personal Benchmark takes the focus away from the emotions of the moment and focuses on purchasing power and satisfying spending needs so that you can sustain your lifestyle and enhance your wealth over time.
At Brinker Capital, we know retirement plan participants want to protect their assets and their lifestyles. With our comprehensive managed mutual fund investment program, we can help you do just that.
Asking the right questions

Brinker Capital is an investment management firm focused on being the best partner to your advisor, and therefore, to you. Just as your advisor is your trusted source to help you with financial decisions, we are that source for your advisor.

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